Hankorab Beach & El Qulaan Lagoon

Hankorab Beach and El Qulaan Lagoon a day trip, besides a great underwater world also visit the mangroves. Have a swim in a bathing water warm lagoon and have a great meal at the beach.

Relaxes on the beach and impresses in the water

The combination of the places offered here is a coincidence and we are pleased to be able to integrate this special excursion now firmly into our program. This is an excursion, which is divided into 2 parts.

Hankorab Beach


The first part is, as the name suggests, a trip to the most beautiful beach in Egypt.

It is quite high in the worldwide ranking and is called Hankorab Beach. This is a coastal section, which is located about 60 km south of Marsa Alam and is lined by snow-white powdery sand, as it is actually known only from Caribbean islands.

The water is turquoise blue, pleasantly warm and crystal clear. Here, in not too deep incidents, one finds an underwater world of superlatives that does not let one go anymore. The beach with its fantastic sand invites you to relax and unwind.

Walks at the beach itself or in the knee-deep water are always possible and the time at this place runs away from you and you don’t want to leave it at all. But we have to, as afterwards we go to our second part of this excursion.

El Qulaan


After another 30 km drive, we enter more snow-white sandy beaches with an unbelievable variety of mangroves. This magical place is called El Qulaan. Not to be confused with the islands of the same name.

It is a small fishing village on the edge of a unique mangrove world with a large turquoise lagoon. Here we will have a delicious lunch consisting of a buffet in the „Qulaan Restaurant“ which is located in the immediate vicinity of this landscape, with a view to this wonderful natural spectacle.

Afterwards everyone is free to use their time in El Qulaan. Whether you want to take a walk, swim, relax, there is something for everyone and you can decide for yourself what you want to do during your stay.

When the day slowly comes to an end, we will have to leave this magical place of relaxation again and for everyone there will be a transfer back to their hotel.

Time: 1 Day   |   Number: 4-8 Persons   |   Price per Diver85€   |   Price per Snorkeler65€

For all hotels north of Coraya Bay up to and including all hotels in El Quseir we charge
a transfer surcharge of 2,50/p.P.

Time: 1 Day

Number: 4-8 Persons 

Price per Diver85€

Price per Snorkeler65€

For all hotels north of Coraya Bay up to and including all hotels in El Quseir we charge
a transfer surcharge of 2,50/p.P.

For children from 0 to 10 years, half the price per child applies.

All information on payment and the procedure can be found under AGB point 2.

Please do not forget to bring a copy of your passport/identity card.

the Process

Depending on the distance to this destination, you will be picked up from your hotel early in the morning. Afterwards we drive south to the first part of our excursion, where we will stay until noon. After having spent a nice time there, we drive on to El Qulaan.

There we have lunch, which consists of a rich buffet including drinks.
Afterwards we will spend some more nice hours in the Blue Lagoon, surrounded by many mangroves.

Finally, each guest will be transferred back to the hotel, where you can process your experiences and impressions from this day.


incl. transfer from and back to the hotel
incl. lunch in buffet form
incl. non-alcoholic soft drinks
incl. smaller snacks for in between
incl. air bottles and lead

Divers watch out

We need your logbook and brevet from you in order to be able to track your level of training and your level of experience. Altogether 1 dive can be carried out.


Due to weather-related factors, the tours may be restricted and/or postponed at any time. However, we will inform you in good time and inform you about the further course of the tour.