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Snorkeling Diving Beach

Whether snorkeling, diving or simply lying on the beach,

there is always plenty of variety on the excursions.

Excursions: Snorkeling Diving Beach

A trip to two of the most amazing places, Zerib Kebir & Abu Sauatier. Breathtaking formations of coral gardens with caves and canyons await you.
El- Quseir, "Small Palace", is one of the most important cities in Egypt today as it was then. In Zerib Kebir you can find reef formations of a special kind. Small huts made of palm fronds invite you to relax.
Would you like to explore other beaches and reefs outside your hotel which are not yet crowded and rarely visited? Follow us to Marsa Egla and Marsa Assalaya
The Caribbean of Egypt is often called Hankorab Beach in the south of Egypt: Here you can experience pure South Sea feeling, let your soul dangle...
Hankorab Beach and El Qulaan Lagoon a day trip, besides a great underwater world also visit the mangroves. Have a swim in a bathing water warm lagoon and have a great meal at the beach.
Snorkeling (and diving) in Abu Ghusun to explore a wreck that sank in 1993. In El Qulaan Lagoon we walk along the sandy beach to the mangroves, in Hankorab Beach we explore a fantastic underwater world.
Marsa Samadai – Tondoba Bay - Marsa Nayzak, also called the Blue Lagoon. If you are lucky you will see turtles, big eagle rays, small guitarfishes or also guitar sharks, with a little luck also the sea cow.
Shaab Marsa Alam - Marsa Samadai: Two absolutely great spots to explore the underwater world around Marsa Alam. By boat we go out to the coral gardens and reef ledges.

Overview of popular diving spots

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